The ghost of Bob Dylan breezed into the studio this week and touched me on the shoulder. Lyrically adidas nmd chukka ale , Bobby Zim has always been right up there, although melodically he's down here with the rest of us. I played in a folk group in the 60s around Britain and in France and my mental repertoire of folk music often helped me in spotting melodies that ole Bob had borrowed from the folkies. For instance: the melody of Bob Dylan's 115th Dream is a direct lift of a 19th century whaling song called Brave Franklin (and His Gallant Crew). But music is full of coincidences: ever notice that the verse chords and melody of the Bellamy Bros? If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body and the Eagles? Lying Eyes are exactly the same? No? I bet the lawyers did?

Anyhoo? Bob's specter touched me on the shoulder and suit-ably inspired, I grabbed a pencil and started scribbling?here's what I wrote:

Crystal tango souvenirs race through my boxcar dreams
And leopard skins in pickle jars lie down in velvet screams
The image of the conqueror is burned into my brow
No resurrection tragedy can undersell me now?

No adidas nmd human race ale , I don't know what it means either?but it gets worsebetter?

One screaming year of ecstacy falls in a ball of flame
Crying out Jerusalem or any other name
And sailors scramble to the ropes still coiled around his neck
While kings and queens look on and throw their arrows with respect

So far, so whaaat? But now it gets pretty good?

A fortune hidden in the flames, a beast inside a cage
No careless hand can understand the storms that in him rage
The monster lies in alibis thrown down from day to day
I wish I had the legs to go adidas nmd c2 ale , but more the guts to stay

I kinda like that, but now we need the big wrap-up?

So fare you well, young pensioner; a husk inside a shell
And all you princes of delight adidas nmd r2 ale , I know you far too well
The eagle shakes his feathers out, the angel tips his ring
And Noah pulls the plug out, as the waves begin to sing?

Well adidas nmd r1 ale , I must say at this point, I don't know whether to reach for the Valium or the Smith & Wesson. This may be why Bob crashed his motorcycle and went away for a while. I even sought the advice of my good friends Jose Cuervo and Jack Daniels, but after much discussion , no consensus had been reached by the time I fell off the chair onto the cat.

If you think you have a clue, drop me a line at feedback@ . And if Mr Dylan should happen to see this? love ya, Bob!


Copyright- Bill Dollar 2005

BERKLEY GULP ALIVE - Advanced Technology in Bait

There aren't legion industries that stand stationary when it comes to technology and if they do adidas nmd kengät suomi , they don't live exuberant. The fishing industry is considerably alert of this and is invariably striving to keep up to the necessitates of the angler. When it occurs to bait then there aren't galore who would tell that Berkley ProBait is not the forerunner in this department of the industry. Berkley Gulp Alive is a genuine testimonial of this fact. So We ca articulate that all the contemporary technology is embedded by Berkley

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Now using tubs with lids alternatively of the regular sealed bags as made an complementary melioration to the Berkley Gulp Alive bait. Numerous oftentimes question what the underground of the Berkley bait is and amongst other things adidas nmd kengät ale , it comes down to the aromas. Each piece of the bait accommodates a biochemical that as a very sound ability to attract the fish. It's not something that was seen overnight but in fact has been something that the Berkley chemists have been working on for years and perfecting it as they determine.

Some fishermen have really determined to realise the most from their dollar when it falls to the Berkley bait. They will conserve the liquid left over from the Berkley gulp bags, set it into a container, and then soak their enticements in it. Now that's being modernized adidas nmd halvalla , but it also depicts just how much faith there is in the Berkley ProBait and the Berkley Gulp Alive is no elision.

The other peculiar view about Berkley when designing their bait they don't only put their accent on one area of success. One would imagine with their fragrance technology that they would just stop there. What puts them a few steps of the culmination is their thoroughness. For illustration, they are very choosy as to what forges and what colorings they utilize for a peculiar breed of fish.

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