AcetCoin is accounted as one of a digital currency initiated on blockchain system and an exchange intermediary between investors & capital markets.

There are 3 reasons for born at this time:

Firstly, cash is still dominant in human life, especially in developing economies. We want to change non-cash payment worldwide in the next 3 to 5 years.

Second: Electronic money is becoming more and more popular. Usually Bitcoin, Ethereum are being accepted in countries like Japan and European Union countries, especially the European Court of Justice has accepted electronic money as a currency. Even European banks have accepted this form of payment.

Third: In the future, 4.0 technologies could allow developers to meet the demand for new currencies.

IMPORTANT: AcetCoin is focused to become the coin which will be widely used and accredited in global investment markets such as Foreign Exchange Market [Forex] , Funds, Derivative Stock and other asset investments by assigning AcetCoin as an exchange intermediary between investors and capital markets.

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